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Semester 1

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
ENG-301Functional English (Compulsory)3(3-0)
IS-302Islamic Studies/Ethics (Compulsory)2(2-0)
EDU-301Child Development (Foundation)3(3-0)
EDU-302Functional Urdu/Regional Languages3(3-0)
EDU-303General Science (Content)3(3-0)
EDU-304EDU-304 Instructional Methods3(3-0)

Semester 2

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
ENG-302Communication Skills3(3-0)
CS-301Introduction to Computing3(3-0)
EDU-305Classroom Management (Foundation)3(3-0)
SSH-301Pakistan Studies2(2-0)
EDU-306Teaching of Islamic studies (Professional)3(2-2)
SOS-301Moral Foundation of Education2(2-0)

Semester 3

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
EDU-401Teaching Literacy Skills (Professional)3(3-0)
EDU-402Art, Crafts and Calligraphy (Content) EDU-403 Teaching of Urdu (Professional)3(3-0)
EDU-403Teaching of G. Science (Professional)3(2-2)
EDU-404instructional and Communication3(2-2)
EDU-405Technology (ICT) in Education (Professional)2(2-0)
EDU-406School Visit-l3(0-3)

Semester 4

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
EDU-407Classroom Assessment (Foundation3(3-0)
EDU-408Teaching of English (Professional)3(2-2)
EDU-409Teaching of Mathematics (Professional)3(2-2)
EDU-410School, Community and Teacher (Professional)3(3-0)
EDU-411Teaching of Social Studies (Professional)3(2-0)
EDU-12Teaching Practice3(0-3)

Semester 5

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
EDU-501English-Ill (Technical Writing and Presentation Skills compulsory)3(3-0)
EDU-502Foundations of Education (Foundation) Content3(3-0)
EDU-503Content Course-ll Language Skills3(3-0)
EDU-504Content Course-Il Chemistry Comparative Education (Professional)3(3-0)
EDU-505 Content Course -I Physics3(3-0)
EDU-506Content Course -I English3(3-0)

Semester 6

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
EDU-507Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education (Professional)3(3-0)
EDU-508Content Course-ll Language Skills3(3-0)
EDU-509Content Course-Il Chemistry3(3-0)
EDU-510Comparative Education (Professional)3(3-0)
EDU-512Introduction to Guidance and Counseling Introduction to Guidance and Counseling3(3-0)

Semester 7

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
EDU-601Content Course-III Grammar and Error Analysis3(3-0)
EDU-602Content Course-III Biology3(3-0)
EDU-603Pedagogy-l (Methods of Teachings related to Specialization-1)3(3-0)
EDU-604Pedagogy-Il (Methods of Teachings related to Specialization-II)3(3-0)
EDU-605Research Method in Education (Professional)3(3-0)
EDU-606Teaching Practice-l (Short Term)3(0-3)

Semester 8

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
EDU-607School Management (Professional)3(3-0)
EDU-608Test Development and Evaluation (Professional) Course – III (from selected discipline-II)3(3-0)
EDU-609Teaching Practice-II (Long Term)3(0-3)
EDU-610Research Project (Professional)6(0-12)
EDU-619Special Problem1(1-0)
A minimum of eight semesters duration program  after intermediate or equivalent.
Admission eligibility: A candidate (male/Female) holding intermediate certificate, A-level or equivalent certificate from any recognized institute with at least second division or overall 50% marks shall be eligible for admission to B.Ed. (HONS.) program  Admission will be on open merit basis; based on academic achievement in intermediate.A candidate must not be more than 23 years of age on 1st October of the year of admission, provided that the Vice Chancellor may relax age limit in very exceptional cases.