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Curriculum for Bachelor of Science of Computer Science (BSCS)

Course GroupCredit hoursMin No of Courses
General Education197
University Electives124
Mathematics & Science Foundation124
Computer Science Core185
Domain CS Core186
Domain CS Electives124
General Education Courses
S#Course CodePre-reqCourse TitleCr. Hrs
1CS-300Introduction to Information & Communication Technologies3(2-3)
2ENG-305English Composition & Comprehension3(3-0)
3ENG-325 Communication & Presentation Skills3(3-0)
4ENG-315Technical & Business Writing3(3-0)
5IS-302Islamic Studies/ Ethics2(2-0)
6SSH-302Pakistan Studies2(2-0)
7SSH-307Professional Practices3(3-0)
University Elective Courses
8SSH-305Foreign Languages2(2-0)
9SSH-309Social Service1(1-0)
10MGT-322Financial Accounting3(3-0)
11MGT-351Introduction to Marketing3(3-0)
12MGT-411Introduction to Management3(3-0)
13MGT-515Introduction to Human Resource Management3(3-0)
14ECON-301Introduction to Economics3(3-0)
16SSH-304International Relations3(3-0)
17SSH-308Personal Grooming & Character Development2(2-0)
Total (Any Four of the above)12
Mathematics and Science Foundation Courses
18MTH-310Calculus & Analytical Geometry3(3-0)
19MTH-435Linear Algebra3(3-0)
20STT-500Statistics & Probability3(3-0)
21MTH-415Differential Equation3(3-0)
Computing Core Courses
22CS-323 Programming Fundamentals4(3-3)
23CS-335 Discrete Structures3(3-0)
24CS-423CS-323Object Oriented Programming4(3-3)
25CS-400 Database Systems4(3-3)
26CS-443CS-323Data Structures and Algorithms4(3-3)
27CS-497 Information Security3(3-0)
28CS-577 Computer Networks4(3-3)
29CS-583 Operating System4(3-3)
30CS-453Software Engineering3(3-0)
31CS-698Final Year Project-I2(0-04)
32CS-699CS-698Final Year Project-II4(0-08)
Computer Science Core Courses
33CS-632Artificial Intelligence4(3-3)
34CS-430Digital Logic Design4(3-3)
35CS-542CS-443Analysis of Algorithms3(3-0)
36CS-530CS-430Computer Organization & Assembly Language4(3-3)
37CS-687Parallel & Distributed Computing3(2-3)
CS Core Courses
38CS-536CS-335Theory of Automata & Formal Languages3(3-0)
39CS-566Web Technologies3(2-3)
40CS-572MTH-310Numerical Analysis3(2-3)
41CS-636CS-536Compiler Construction3(2-3)
42PHY-403Fundamentals of Physics3(3-0)
43CS-432CS-423Modern Programming Languages3(2-3)
44CS-532Computer Architecture3(3-0)
45CS-553CS-453Object Oriented Analysis & Design3(2-3)
46CS-575CS-323Computer Graphics3(2-3)
47CS-597Cyber Security3(3-0)
48CS-601CS-400Data Base Administration & Management4(3-3)
49CS-666CS-566Web Engineering3(2-3)
50CS-685Human Computer Interaction3(2-3)
51CS-682System Programming3(2-3)
52CS-692CS-423Visual Programming3(2-3)
53CS-693Mobile Application Development3(2-3)
54CS-695CS-423Theory of Programming Language3(2-3)
Total (Any Four of the Above)12

Courses Common to all Computing Bachelor Programs – 82 Credits

Semester 1
CodePre-reqCourse TitleCr. Hrs
CS-300 Introduction to Information & Communication Technologies3(2-3)
CS-323Programming Fundamentals4(3-3)
ENG-305English Comprehension3(3-0)
MTH-310 Calculus & Analytical Geometry3(3-0)
ELE-401 Basic Electronics3(2-2)
IS-302 Islamic Studies/ Ethics2(2-0)
Semester 2
CodePre-reqCourse TitleCr. Hrs
CS-423CS-323Object Oriented Programming4(3-3)
ENG-325Communication & Presentation Skills3(3-0)
CS-430Digital Logic Design4(3-3)
STT-500 Statistics & Probability3(3-0)
 University Elective-1
 CS Supporting 1
Semester 3
CodePre-reqCourse TitleCr. Hrs
CS-443CS-323Data Structures & Algorithms4(3-3)
CS-335Discrete Structures3(3-0)
SSH-307Professional Practices3(3-0)
CS-530CS-430Computer Organization & Assembly Language4(3-3)
 University Elective-2
 CS Supporting 2
Semester 4
CodePre-reqCourse TitleCr. Hrs
CS-400Database Systems4(3-3)
MTH-435Linear Algebra3(3-0)
CS-542CS-443Analysis of Algorithms3(3-0)
CS-536CS-335Theory of Automata & Formal Languages3(3-0)
CS-583 Operating Systems4(3-3)
 CS-Elective -1
Semester 5
CodePre-reqCourse TitleCr. Hrs
ENG-315Technical & Business Writing3(3-0)
CS-453Software Engineering3(3-0)
CS-636CS-536Compiler Construction3(2-3)
CS-Elective -2
 University Elective -3
 CS Supporting 3
Semester 6
CodePre-reqCourse TitleCr. Hrs
CS-577Computer Networks4(3-3)
CS-632Artificial Intelligence4(3-3)
SSH-302Pakistan Studies2(2-0)
CS-Elective -3
 CS-Elective -4
 University Elective -4
Semester 7
CodePre-reqCourse TitleCr. Hrs
CS-698Final Year Project-I2(0-04)
CS-687Parallel & Distributed Computing3(2-3)
CS-Elective -5
Semester 8
CodePre-reqCourse TitleCr. Hrs
CS-497Information Security3(3-0)
CS-699CS-698Final Year Project-II4(0-08)

Admission Eligibility:

  • A person holding intermediate (HSSC) examination certificate in (Pre- Engineering, Pre-Medical, ICS or equivalent qualification certified by IBCC with at least 50% marks shall be eligible to apply for admission.
  • Admission will be on open merit basis