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 Semester 1 

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
ENG-301Functional English3(3-0)
SSH-301Pakistan Studies2(2-0)
MATH-301Mathematics (Algebra)2(2-0)
ECON-301Introduction to Economics3(3-0)
PSY-301Introduction to Psychology3(3-0)
STAT-301Introduction to Statistic3(3-0)

 Semester 2

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
ENG-302Communication skills3(3-0)
IS/ET-302Islamic studies /Ethics2(2-0)
STAT-302Introduction to probability and probability Distribution3(3-0)
SOS-301Moral Foundation of Education3(3-0)
SOC-301Basics of Sociology3(3-0)

Semester 3

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
ENG-402Technical Writing and presentation skills3(3-0)
CS-402Introduction to computer3(1-2)
STAT-401Basic statistic interface3(3-0)
STAT-402Applied statistic 3(3-0)
ENV-301Introduction to environmental science3(3-0)
MATH-303Math-3 (Geometry)3(3-0)

 Semester 4

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
STAT-403Introduction to repression Analysis of variance3(3-0)
STAT-404Exploratory Data Analysis visualization3(2-1)
STAT-405Non parametric Method3(3-0)
SSH-305Foreign languages3(3-0)
MATH-401Theory of Matrices and Numerical Analysis3(3-0)

 Semester 5

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
STAT-501Probability 13(3-0)
STAT-502Sampling Technique-13(3-0)
STAT-503Design and Analysis of Experiments-13(3-0)
STAT-504Statistical Package3(1-2)
ECON-505Economic Problems of Pakistan3(3-0)

Semester 6

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
STAT-505Probability 23(3-0)
STAT-506Sampling Technique 23(3-0)
STAT-507Design and Analysis of Experiments 23(3-0)
STAT-508Regression Analysis3(3-0)
STAT-509Bayesian Statistic 3(3-0)
STAT-510Research methodology3(1-2)

List of Elective Courses

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
STAT-607Reliability Analysis3(3-0)
STAT-609Official Statistic3(3-0)
STAT-610Robust Method3(3-0)
STAT-611Survival Analysis3(3-0)
STAT-612Bio Statistics3(3-0)
STAT-613Mathematical Models And Stimulation3(3-0)
STAT-614Statistic Quality Control3(3-0)
STAT-615Categorical Analysis3(3-0)
STAT-616Population Studies3(3-0)
STAT-617Computational Analysis3(3-0)
STAT-618Actuarial Statistical 13(3-0)
STAT-621Actuarial Statistic 23(3-0)
STAT-622Population Models3(3-0)

  Semester 7

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
STAT-601Statistical interface 13(3-0)
STAT-603Multivariate Analysis4(4-0)
STAT-606Stochastic process3(3-0)
STAT-608Time series Analysis3(3-0)

Semester 8

Course codeTitle of courseCredit hours
STAT-602Statistical inference -23(3-0)
STAT- 3(3-0)
STAT- 3(3-0)
STAT- 3(3-0)
STAT- 3(3-0)
STAT-624Research Project3(0-3)

       Admission Eligibility:

  • A Candidate holding intermediate (HSSC) examination certificate in (Pre- Engineering, Pre-Medical, ICS or equivalent qualification certified by IBCC with at least 50% marks shall be eligible to apply for admission.
  • Admission will be on open merit basis