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Topic: Corporate Dialogue on Entrepreneurship Success
A corporate dialogue session on entrepreneurial success was held online on
February 12, 2022 where our venerate speaker, Hassan Afzal Rana (Director at SOT,
Fulfillment Limited), from the UK, was invited to share his insights on the
aforementioned subject. A Summing-up of the session is given hereunder.
The speaker asserted that An entrepreneur’s success is aided by his passion, resourcefulness,
willingness to improvise, and strong determination. The prospect of work should excite an
entrepreneur. He should have a strong desire to succeed and conquer challenges at all times.
Regardless of how many setbacks and rejections he may face, he should always be ready to
dust himself off and find an alternative path to the summit. It takes this kind of determination to
turn a business idea from the realms of the imagination into a profitable business. You must
expand your knowledge. Experiment with new ideas. Incorporate the new information into your
day-to-day operations. You will only be a successful entrepreneur if you do it this way. Most
significantly, each successful entrepreneur must have business agility, which includes the
capacity to learn and adapt to new methods, processes, or technology that can help them grow
and improve their business.

Topic: Employability and Career Planning
A session on employability and career planning was conducted online on february 19,

  1. Our keynote speaker, DR. Imran Ali (Northumbria university, NewCastle Upon Tyne,
    UK), was invited to talk about employability and career planning. The gist of the session
    is shared hereunder.
    The speaker stated that Career planning and employability are inextricably linked.The
    importance of career planning can’t be overemphasized. Having a career plan is crucial for
    every person aspiring to become successful in life. It is about choosing a career path related to
    your field of study and preparing you for employment. When you plan your career well, you also
    take into account future uncertainties, potential job losses, or any other unforeseen scenarios
    that could impact your earning potential. it can also help you mitigate the financial risks and
    uncertainties to the extent possible. One of the lesser-known benefits of career planning is that
    it provides peace of mind, especially in stressful situations as unemployment invariably leads to
    stress, uncertainty, and feelings of low self-worth. However, if you plan your career wisely, you
    will be keeping an eye on job trends, which can help you avoid financial troubles and open up a
    plethora of employment chances for you.