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Topic: Corporate Identity.
An online session on corporate identity was conducted on october 31st, 2021. Mr. Abdul Jalil was our keynote speaker. The session provided students with some valuable insights on the subject of corporate identity.
The speaker highlighted the significance of corporate identity. He explained how In recent Years, both academic and business circles have been more interested in corporate identity. It is now widely acknowledged as a strategic tool and a means of gaining a competitive advantage. And It all starts internally, each company should consider “who we are” or “who we aspire to be.” Internal processes, tactics, and values all play a role in shaping a corporate identity. It is your brand’s blueprint. It’s the image you want to project to customers, competitors, and potential workers. corporate identity creates awareness and familiarity with new and existing customers.
Establishing consistency, authority, and reliability through corporate identity can be the
difference between a successful strategy and one that falls short. The advantages of a strong
and positive corporate identity include increased employee motivation, increased ability to
recruit and retain high-quality employees. It also helps increase transparency of business
practices, in gaining a competitive advantage, assisting the development of better relationships
with other businesses, and aiding investment into the company.

Topic: Tips & Techniques of Trading In Pakistan Stock Exchange.
An online session on Tips & Techniques of Trading In Pakistan Stock Exchange was held
on November 7th, 2021. Dr. Ayaz-ul-Haq (Assistant Professor,University of Central
Punjab, Rawalpindi) was the keynote speaker. The session turned out to be very
motivating and full of wonderful insights for the students.
The speaker explained how to open an account with the CDC (Central Depository Company).
He went on to explain how to trade on the stock exchange using a registered brokerage
house/broker. An overview of the Karachi Stock Exchange was presented, followed by a
detailed analysis of the Pakistan Stock Exchange’s Live Trading Session (PSX)
The lecture gave students the chance to learn about the prerequisites for trading on the PSX.

Topic: Social Accounting Matrices for Analysis
An online session on Social Accounting Matrices for Analysis was conducted on March 5, 2022. Our keynote speaker, DR. Irfan Arif (Jazan university, kingdom of Saudi Arabia), was invited to share his views on it. The gist of the session is shared hereunder.
He discussed that SAM integrates detailed data on production, generation, distribution and use
of income, thereby allowing a systematic description of an economy. It provides an analytical
framework to study the underpinnings of income circular flow that are resulted from the
interactions among the institutions. The matrix can be broken up into blocks which describe the national flows according to the whole income circular flow framework.